Making the black box of AI
transparent with Explainable AI

Explainable AI

As models become more complex, the task of producing an interpretable version of the model becomes more difficult.

Explainable AI, in simple terms, means artificial intelligence that is transparent in its operations so that human users can understand and trust its decisions. Organizations must be able to answer the question – can you explain how your AI generated that specific insight or decision? Is your model free of bias (such as racial or gender bias)? Is your model able to make good decisions for all the population? 

Our platform provides you with the right capabilities and methods to make AI models understandable, clear, and simple. Our Local Explainability platform focuses on explaining the model decision-making process, provide insights and alerts to help the user make informed decisions.

Our Global Explainability platform focuses on assessing model  risks and strengths in light of the regulatory demands.  

Our Technology

Existing tools for interpreting models require advanced technical know-how, and each one is intended for use in a narrow field. Demystify shifts this focus by improving AI model interpretability and explainability – giving domain experts the power to truly understand what is happening “behind the scenes.

 Demystify is a human-centric platform that allows SME’s to augment their professional expertise with the power of AI and oversee a model’s outcome. Demystify allows SME’s to make better decisions – in less time. 

Our Solutions

Interpretability (SME) Module

Addresses the daily user needs. Provides insights and explanations about the model predictions for a certain customer / patient.

Monitoring Module

Provides actionable insights and alerts about the model's risks, limitations, blindspots, and bias during development and deployment.

Risk Assessment Module

Empowers the Model Risk Assessment team. Provides actionable insights and alerts about the model's risks, limitations, blindspots, and bias during development and deployment.

Demystify IP and Patents

Feature Importance

  • Major improvements on the SHAP algorithm
  • Higher accuracy

Model Robustness

  • Proprietary algorithm
  • Patent-pending
  • Advanced model blind-spot detection
  • .


  • Unsupervised, automatic data drift detection
  • Automated drift reports
  • Configurable drift and sensitivity levels


  • Auto-detection capabilities
  • High dimensional
  • Diverse counterfactual examples

Data & Insights

  • Automated Personal Identifiable Information (PII) algorithm
  • Automated 'null' features handling
  • Automated feature type detection
  • Automatic insights extraction
  • Unlikely samples detection
  • Automated model confidence standards

Demystify Advantages

Model Agnostic

Actionable Insights

Clear and intuitive visualizations that explain model behavior

Robustness analysis

Advanced counterfactual analysis

Unlikely sample detection

Provision of a common language for domain experts and data scientists

Quick, easy to use interface

On-cloud and on-prem deployment

Regulatory Compliance